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Relationship with food…

25 Jul

What is your relationship with food? What is the hold it has over you?

Through all the changes that have occurred recently I’ve gained about 20lbs. I’m trying new, different things to lose that weight. I’m doing crossfit which I love and I’m trying my hand at Paleo.

I’m also currently working as a weight control counselor and seeing my own struggles with food and the struggles of other people. It’s really starting to put things in perspective.

I know what to do! I’m a certified fitness trainer. I’m a certified counselor. I can tell you until I’m blue in the face what to do to lose weight and how to do it. Yet for some reason I’m not following my own advice. WTF? Why is it that food has such a profound effect on us?

This is my new quest for information. Do you currently or have you in the past had a battle with a food addiction? What helped you to overcome your obstacles? Tips? Tricks? Advice? I’m looking for anything I can personally take advantage of as well as things I can pass on to my clients.


I’ll see your 125lbs and I’ll raise you 6

20 Aug

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!!!

6…that is the number of lbs I gained over the weekend.  Seriously. 

This was a binge weekend of epic proportions.  I tried to be good, I really did. 

Friday I knew the hubs and I were going to have a few drinks.  I bought Absolut Citron and soda with a couple limes and lemons, a couple of peaches in case I got a sweet tooth and some BabyBel light cheeses in case I wanted a cheesy snack.  I thought I would be good to go, but I was wrong.  We had talked about pizza earlier in the day and neither of us could get it off our minds.  Around 10 pm with some liquid courage we threw caution to the wind and ordered it…and ate it…all but two slices. Did I mention the order of bread sticks?  And yes, it was just the two of us.  This is the image I woke up to the next morning:

Evidence of how badly I had done.  But no big deal right?  Everyone messes up occasionally.  We are all human.  A little pizza and beer isn’t going to kill you.  I cleaned up, dusted myself off and made a healthy breakfast.  I was going to get back on track – hell, I might even go workout later.  But then it hit.  The dreaded hangover which inevitably leads to what my husband and I refer to as “hangover belly” where one will consume their body weight in fast food and still be hungry because nothing will ease the hangover!  I got it, bad, and convinced the hubs to pick up chinese food and thus began round 2.  I started drinking about 2 hours after we finished chinese food and about 2 hours after that we found ourselves making a McDonald’s run.  After devouring a Big Mac, fries, a 4 piece nugget and a McFlury I kept drinking…oh and I think snacking on cheese and crackers.  I swear my stomach is a never-ending pit. 

So of course the next day, was hangover part deux which means hangover-belly part deux.  I started the day with leftover chinese food, snacked on more cheese and crackers while having afternoon cocktails (by myself), ate a ramen noodle package and then washed that down with the remaining leftover chinese food.  OUCH!  I just couldn’t stop myself. 

This morning, I am paying for it.  131.4.  Exactly 6lbs more than I weighed Friday morning before work.  I realize some of this is just food sitting in my gut considering I passed out about 45 minutes after devouring the last bit of chinese.  But I can’t use that excuse for all of it.  Some of it is actual weight gain.  Dammit, can I get myself in check please so I can reach an f’ing goal for once?!  I can’t keep doing this to myself.  Things have to change!