An Oops And a Lesson Learned

24 Jan
Photo courtesy of thefitmissltumblr

Photo courtesy of thefitmissltumblr

You may have heard me bitch about mention my will power in the past. Well, I’m not perfect and I have again hit a little snafu. However, I’m taking a negative and trying to find the positive.

Basically what happened, is I had three horrible meals: Burger King for dinner Tuesday night, a work BBQ chock full of sweet treats Wednesday afternoon, and a pizza and bread stick feast that night. The scale went up 3.8lbs between Tuesday morning and today. Super discouraging, right? Well, yes and no.

My initial reaction was to beat myself up and then bury my face in a carton of ice cream because I’ve already messed up, why bother keep going? However, the trainer in me jumped in and kicked that idea to the curb! Just because I messed up on a few meals doesn’t mean I can derail all of the progress I had made up to that point. “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up,” popped into my head, and that quote gave me strength. I know I’ve set myself back a few days – I figure 5 total, 2 bad days of eating, and 2-3 to get me back to my pre-binge weight. But, that’s only a couple of days. Not years, months, or hell not even a full week. So, I’ve decided to get right back on track today. I’ve kept up with my workouts at the gym and I’m still going strong on my 30 day challenge, so really, I haven’t fallen that hard.

I’ve dusted myself off and put together a great menu for my day. Egg whites with avocado and turkey bacon for breakfast. Raw almonds as my morning snack. Chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli for lunch. Protein shake as my afternoon snack and then salmon and spinach for dinner. DELISH! No junk food, no worries.

When you get off track, what motivates you to get back on and move forward?


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