28 Nov

Phew am I beat! Just completed a 35 min spin class. This is the first time since boot camp I have gotten on a spin bike. They really push that shiz in boot and for good reason. It’s an amazing workout. Today’s class featured a normal spin routine but at the end booted out a tabata style session. Kicked my butt! Don’t believe me, take a look!

That’s right after I finished. I look like deer in headlights. I tried to take a better pic and smile. This is all I was able to manage:

And just for good measure in case you couldn’t see all of that sweat dripping, here’s one more:

That is a butt-ton of eye makeup running down my face. Now I gotta clean myself up and get my legs to function again because I’ve got clients in 45 minutes.
Oh and just because its funny, here’s the spot I was sitting while typing up this post.

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like, my sweaty ass imprint and the drippings in front are what fell from my face as I’m leaning over my phone. I think I like spin!!!


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