My first WIAW!

6 Sep

Its fair to say that I am addicted to blogs. Fitness blogs. Food blogs. Random whatever blogs. Ill read them all. One type of post just keeps popping up and I absolutely love them. What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) are the posts I most look forward to for inspiration, motivation, and recipes.

This week I decided to join in. Here’s my first WIAW post (also the first post ever done on my KINDLE).

For breakfast I went simple. A nice staple I can make the night before and eat at my desk so I can sleep in start work early the next day. Hardboiled eggs. I had four total. Three of them I only ate the whites but that last one I had to get all that delicious yolk.


My morning snack was simple lettuce wraps. Two turkey wraps, one ham, and all had a drizzle of honey mustard.


Lunch was a little concoction I came up with awhile ago. Mushroom, sundried tomato and chicken tofu pasta with laughing cow cheese in the most delicious sun dried tomato Basil flavor. The picture just doesn’t do it  justice.


For an afternoon snack I downed a vanilla protein shake. I had a pic but it was just too bad to use.  Finally for dinner I made Peruvian Beef with a side of dijon mustard for dipping (a staple at almost every meal) and some peas.


After dinner I may have snuck in a snack size hersheys bar to curb my sweet craving. Just one does the trick.

All in all my daily totals came to: 1140 calories (I typically aim for 1200), 43.8g fat, 47.5g carbs, and 130.7g protein. Not too shabby.


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