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I’ll see your 125lbs and I’ll raise you 6

20 Aug

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!!!

6…that is the number of lbs I gained over the weekend.  Seriously. 

This was a binge weekend of epic proportions.  I tried to be good, I really did. 

Friday I knew the hubs and I were going to have a few drinks.  I bought Absolut Citron and soda with a couple limes and lemons, a couple of peaches in case I got a sweet tooth and some BabyBel light cheeses in case I wanted a cheesy snack.  I thought I would be good to go, but I was wrong.  We had talked about pizza earlier in the day and neither of us could get it off our minds.  Around 10 pm with some liquid courage we threw caution to the wind and ordered it…and ate it…all but two slices. Did I mention the order of bread sticks?  And yes, it was just the two of us.  This is the image I woke up to the next morning:

Evidence of how badly I had done.  But no big deal right?  Everyone messes up occasionally.  We are all human.  A little pizza and beer isn’t going to kill you.  I cleaned up, dusted myself off and made a healthy breakfast.  I was going to get back on track – hell, I might even go workout later.  But then it hit.  The dreaded hangover which inevitably leads to what my husband and I refer to as “hangover belly” where one will consume their body weight in fast food and still be hungry because nothing will ease the hangover!  I got it, bad, and convinced the hubs to pick up chinese food and thus began round 2.  I started drinking about 2 hours after we finished chinese food and about 2 hours after that we found ourselves making a McDonald’s run.  After devouring a Big Mac, fries, a 4 piece nugget and a McFlury I kept drinking…oh and I think snacking on cheese and crackers.  I swear my stomach is a never-ending pit. 

So of course the next day, was hangover part deux which means hangover-belly part deux.  I started the day with leftover chinese food, snacked on more cheese and crackers while having afternoon cocktails (by myself), ate a ramen noodle package and then washed that down with the remaining leftover chinese food.  OUCH!  I just couldn’t stop myself. 

This morning, I am paying for it.  131.4.  Exactly 6lbs more than I weighed Friday morning before work.  I realize some of this is just food sitting in my gut considering I passed out about 45 minutes after devouring the last bit of chinese.  But I can’t use that excuse for all of it.  Some of it is actual weight gain.  Dammit, can I get myself in check please so I can reach an f’ing goal for once?!  I can’t keep doing this to myself.  Things have to change!


The MOST amazing Mushroom & Pepper omelet…ever!

15 Aug

Alright, recipe two coming at you.  This is one adapted from Jillian Michael’s book “Making the Cut” and it is one of the best breakfasts ever.


1/4 c onion, chopped (red is better, but white will do)

1/4 of a green pepper chopped

1 c mushrooms, chopped

1/4 c cherry tomatoes, chopped

5 eggs (4 egg whites and 1 whole egg)

1 oz gouda cheese, sliced

1 tbsp light sour cream

What to do:

Step 1, get a giant glass of wine and enjoy the process.  Oh wait, it’s 6:30 am isn’t it?  Ok fine, maybe a cup of joe?  Now that that is settled, moving on to the actual cooking.

Spray pan with non-fat non-stick cooking spray, throw in veggies and saute.  Usually takes about 5 minutes to look like so:


While veggies are cooking whisk together 4 egg whites and 1 full egg.  Once veggies are done, move them to a plate and cover to keep warm. Use a wet paper towel to quickly wipe out the inside of pan, re-spray with cooking spray and add eggs.  Let the eggs heat up until they are almost fully cooked and add veggies to one half of the egg base.


I know what you are thinking – that is a hell of a lot of veggies for just one omelet, but bear with me and I promise it will not disappoint. 

Flip the side with no veggies over to create your omelet and let it cook just a smidge longer.  Carefully move your omelet to a plate and top with slices of gouda.  It might take a minute to melt so the thinner the slices the better.


I know, I know, that sucker is HUGE!  Just calm your horses.  Cut that mamma-jamma in half.  Store one half in the fridge for tomorrow (yes, that’s right, it’s actually really good re-heated) and top the other half with sour cream.  If you are feeling feisty go ahead and add some chopped chives or cilantro or whatever fresh herbs you may desire.  I prefer mine without, but have tried a couple different options.  You’re end product should look a little something like this:


You now have a delicious, healthy breakfast to start your day off right.  And go ahead and sleep in an extra 10 minutes tomorrow because you’ve got that breakfast covered too!

Nutritional Info : 175 calories, 9.1g fat, 7g carbs, 18.4g protein

Mini-Challenge Day Two

15 Aug

This is what I saw several times this morning:

Snooze…the best and worst thing to ever happen to alarm clocks.  I set my alarm for 5am, and I am pretty sure swear I had every intention of waking up at 5 on the dot.  But damn is that snooze button enticing!  Get up and work out or stay in my nice warm bed, snuggled with the pups and sleep another hour.  How can you not want to just stay and snuggle these two adorable faces???

Not sure what I was watching when I snapped this pic, but check out that chicks face on the tv. Cracks me up every time!

I did it though.  I got up and I completed another 45 minute incline walk on my treadmill this morning.  Nothing too intense, incline at 7 or 8 (I can’t remember) and speed at 3.0.  Hey, I said WALK!  Don’t judge me.  Trust that I was drenched in sweat at the end.  I will say that this mornings workout was much easier than Monday’s, mostly because I had my favorite cardio buddy with me – my Kindle.  Lemme tell you, if you don’t have a Kindle Fire, runs out and gets you one!  It is the best $200 ever spent.  I love to read and this lets me have all my books all the time.  I love to put it on an elliptical or treadmill and just read away while I’m working out.  It eliminates looking at the timer every 1.5 minutes to see how much longer I have and it’s so much more engaging than just watching tv or a movie.  BEST. INVENTION. EVER. 

But anyway, this isn’t an Amazon ad.  My point here is that I have two days down of my personal mini-challenge and that kicks ass!  Booyah!  Now I gotta start thinking of what next weeks mini-challenge will be.  I’m thinking BodyRocking each morning…what do you think?

Mini-Challenge Day One

13 Aug

I’m not gonna lie, this morning was a struggle. 

I could not fall asleep last night to save my life.  Around 10:30 I took a unisom and that finally kicked in about 11:30.  11:55 my dogs woke me up to go outside. *sigh* The rest of the night I was sort of in and out.

My alarm went off at 5am so that I could get started bright and early for my week 2 challenge to myself.  My immediate reaction?  SNOOZE!  5:09 my alarm goes off again.  My reaction this time?  Set alarm for 5:50 and decide to go back to bed.  But then this little voice inside my head started saying, nay yelling, “IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR OWN CHALLENGE AND YOU ARE ALREADY FAILING!!!”  What was I thinking?  People don’t get the bodies of their dreams by hitting the snooze button, do they?  So I pulled my tired ass out of bed, brushed my teeth, slapped on my sneakers and hit the treadmill.  45 minute incline walk (which felt more like 45 hours) was completed.  And, I felt great afterwards.  In fact, for getting as little sleep as I did last night, I’m pretty energetic today.

I’m proud of myself for kicking my own ass.  Hard work really does pay off (aka sleeping in until 6 tomorrow)!  Does anyone else set mini-goals for themselves? 

Week 1 Done – New Challenge Accepted

12 Aug

I did it.  I’ve completed week 1 without the tiniest bit of a slip. Oh, did I mention that I joined the Military Challenge on  Because I did.  And, I’m determined! I’ve been eating clean, keeping up with workouts, and even had time to fit in some homework.

Today I woke up with a little extra motivation and decided to make use of the treadmill that sits in my home gym. This gym includes a treadmill, dip station, sandbag training system, light dumbbells, yoga mat, ball, and band, resistance bands, jump rope, E-Z bar, punching bag and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.  It’s a very small room, but it holds a lot.  A lot that NEVER gets used.  I thought having all of this stuff at home would make it impossible to not work out.  No excuses when it’s all right there in front of you, right?  Wrong!  Most of the time the door to the gym is shut and we never think twice about it.  Ugh, what a waste. (Here’s a pic – disregard the awful wood walls, we rent.)

I have decided that this week I am going to give myself an extra challenge.  Nothing major, but a small goal that I can accomplish and feel good about.  I’d like to wake up early and do a 45 minute low intensity incline walk on my treadmill at least 3x’s this week.  I’m going to shoot for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I hate getting up before I have to so this won’t be easy but I think the pros will definitely outweigh the cons. I need to start using this gym so challenge accepted!!!


10 Aug


Recently, I was asked if I take any supplements and what type.  Here was my response:

One-A-Day Womens Multi-Vitamin – 1/day (obviously 😛 )  I like to take this because it’s easy, cheap, and a great way to make sure I am getting all of the important things my body needs when I can’t supply it via food.

Calcium Supplement (not sure of the brand) – 2/day with breakfast and dinner.  This is good for bone health, especially in women.

Natrol Omega 3-6-9 – 2/day with breakfast and dinner.  This is good for brain development, immune system function, and blood pressure regulation.

Spring Valley Glucosamine Chondroitin – 3/day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This is for joint health.  It is not necessary for everyone.  But, for those of us who may have put a lot of strain on our joints in younger years with sports or other activities, or who are just a little older, this can help quite a bit.

Nature Made Iron Supplement – 1/day with lunch.  Again, this is not for everyone.  I take it because I am just slightly anemic.  Check with your physician before taking an iron supplement.

Finally, and I don’t know if this really counts as a vitamin or supplement, but I drink a protein shake every day.  Generally I have one after my workout in order to help repair and rebuild muscle.  If it is a rest-day I will have one as my morning or afternoon snack in order to keep my calorie count and protein intake at the proper level.  I have always used the powder you can pick up at Wal-Mart, but my husband and I decided to invest a little money into our protein and purchased Iso-Sensation 93 in Vanilla Bean (review on this still to come).  Protein is very important to weight loss and building muscle so we’ve decided not to skimp anymore.  Hopefully this pays off.

Now, all of that being said, I am not a trainer, nutritionist nor a doctor so I am not handing out advice or suggestions.  This is simply what I take.  You may choose to follow my supplement plan or not, but speak with your doctor first!  Every body is different and requires different things so get your facts straight before making any choices.  If you don’t want to see a doctor at least do your research.  There are a million sources online to find out the pros and cons of vitamins and supplements. 

What do you take?  What would you recommend?

12 Ways To Better Eating: The Mental Approach

8 Aug

As I do, I was scouring the Internet last night looking for motivation.  I stumbled across the website and found some really interesting articles.  I think it’s pretty apparent that food is my downfall so of course I’m always looking for new recipes, healthy alternatives, and advice for clean eating.  There was an article called 12 Ways To Better Eating: The Mental Approach.  I found this article really informative and suggest anyone on the road to success check it out.  But, if you aren’t interested in reading the whole thing, here are a few highlights:

1.  Setting goals – set present, short term and long term goals.  Trying to do everything all at once can be overwhelming.  Especially if you are someone like me who has diet-commitment-issues.

2.  Have realistic expectations – you need to decide on a plan that is going to work with you, your current schedule, and your budget.  If you don’t, you will be unable to follow through with the diet and revert back to old habits.

3. Be proactive – make sure you don’t get yourself in a situation where you can make excuses.  Know where you are going to be throughout the day and plan your meals around that.  For example, if your job takes you on the road, make sure you pack healthy snacks like almonds or fruit.  Don’t allow yourself to have only the option of fast food.

4. Be consistent – people thrive when they have routines, so try to eat around the same time every day and create healthy habits.

5. Be flexible – yes I realize this sort of contradicts the previous statement, but lets face it, life happens.  Schedules change, emergencies occur and late night study sessions turn up.  Make sure if you find yourself in these situations you are prepared.  Expect the unexpected and make sure you carry healthy treats with you.  Protein bars, shakes, nuts and fruits are perfect for instances like these.

6. Don’t be hard on yourself – no one is perfect.  If you have a cheat meal or fall off track, just pick yourself off, dust yourself off and start again. 

7. Stick to your plan – you didn’t get overweight overnight, you will not lose weight or make changes overnight.  It takes time to develop healthy habits so just stick with it.

8. Have fun – find fun, various ways to keep yourself motivated like getting friends and family involved or joining a 5K or mud run.

9. Give yourself praise – reward yourself when you meet your goals, but avoid food as a reward.  Buy yourself something nice or get a mani/pedi and celebrate your accomplishments.

10. Don’t rush into this – people start with the best of intentions but try to do too much at once.  Again, you didn’t get overweight overnight, don’t expect to get instant results.  You won’t.  Be patient.

11. Focus on the journey and not the destination – enjoy the process of change and all the accomplishments along the way. 

12.  Measure success and make new goals – make yourself aware of accomplishments you make along your journey either by taking pics, measurements, body fat, weight (although not always the best measurement), speed, reps, weight-lifted, etc.  Once you’ve met a goal, make a new one and strive for success.

Fun + Falling Off the Fitness Wagon = Vacation

6 Aug

I just got back from a two-week vacation with one week spent in Georgia and another week at home relaxing.  It was both awesome and not-so-awesome. 

First the high points:

I got to surprise my sister by flying down to attend her graduation. The look on her face when I got there was priceless.  She had no idea!  It was so great to see her walk across the stage and get her Surgical Tech Diploma.  We are all so proud of her and she got tons of loud cheers from us all.

Doesn’t she look smart? Graduated with a 4.0!

I also got to spend lots of time with my niece and nephew.  My niece at 2 and a half was absolutely adorable and loved playing with Aunt Carey’s hair.  I got quite a few makeovers while I was there complete with jewelry, hair and makeup.

Denva gave me all her fairy rings to wear

So, those were the highlights…now for the bad part.  Although I enjoyed spending time with my family, it allowed me to fall completely off the wagon in terms of food and exercise.  My sister and I tried to get to the gym a couple of times, but it was damn near impossible.  And then the food.  I had good intentions of eating clean while I was down there but as the days went by my eating got worse and worse. 

Here are a few of the delicious horrible things I indulged in while on vacation:

Southern BBQ Ribs with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy and Macaroni and Cheese

I won’t even go into the details for the other meals.  Lets just say that those abs I posted a few weeks back are on a temporary hiatus.

On the bright side, this vacation was an eye-opener.  I realize that just because I was good for 30 days doesn’t mean I have gotten rid of all of my food-demons.  I still have cravings and I still want to lay around with a quart of ice cream resting on my belly and a recently devoured bag of fast food digesting in my gut.  I have to be strong and I have to make smart decisions.  I don’t have to be perfect, but I can’t let being on vacation completely derail all of my progress again.  So, here I am, Monday morning vowing to start fresh and get back on track.  I can do this!  If you fall off track, then don’t beat yourself up, just shrug it off and get back to business.